The Secret Ingredient from Digital Sandwich
The Secret Ingredient with Special Guest Brent Vanfossen
May 15, 2023
Welcome back to the Secret Ingredient! While this is technically episode six, this is also a relaunch of our podcast! We're excited to kick it off with my favorite companion, Brent Vanfossen. Or, as he's known around the office, Brent VanPopcorn! In this episode we talk about Brent's secret ingredient to getting into a completely different career field and taking over an already established brand and sky rocketing it higher than before! It's great to be back and podcasting, so thank you for joining us and we look forward to sharing more episodes with everyone!
You can also watch my interview with Brent on YouTube!

The Secret Ingredient podcast features Brent Vanfossen, the popcorn king of Saskatoon, as a special guest. The podcast talks about people's secret ingredients for building relationships and growing their business through personalized content, social media, and paid advertising. Brent Vanfossen has a degree in history and educational administration, loves to dance and sing, is a proud girl dad and husband, and wears tiny shorts on vacation. The podcast delves into how Brent became friends with the host through the Chamber of Commerce and shares their journey from acquaintances to sharing office space for five years. The podcast also talks about Brent and the host's rural backgrounds and how they connected over being farm boys.