The Secret Ingredient from Digital Sandwich
"🚀 Unwrapping the Digital World: Abby Peters Spills the Beans on Three Rollercoaster Years at Digital Sandwich!"
October 27, 2023
In this thrilling episode of "Secret Ingredient," we celebrate Abby Peters' incredible three-year journey at Digital Sandwich. Abby, the Director of Operations, opens up about her transition from retail to the digital realm, sharing the challenges, triumphs, and secret ingredients that have fueled her success. From navigating job hunting in 2020 to playing a pivotal role in the agency’s growth, Abby’s story is a rollercoaster of insights and inspiration. Tune in for a behind-the-scenes look at the world of digital marketing, sprinkled with laughter, learning, and a dash of digital magic!
Show Notes for "Celebrating Three Years with Abby Peters"


Celebrating Three Years at Digital Sandwich

Abby’s Journey and Growth

Job Hunting in 2020

Transition from Retail to Digital Marketing

Reaching Out and Getting Hired

[03:32]State of Digital Sandwich at Hiring Time

Early Days at the Agency

Need for Help and Growth

[06:49]Dealing with Challenges

Perspective and Historical Context

[10:05]Changing the Playbook and Work Processes

Balancing Flexibility and Structure

Agency Culture and Fit

[13:26]Continuous Improvement and Fine-Tuning

Refining Processes and Services

[16:27]Finding a Voice and Speaking Up

Moments of Realization and Change

Balancing Rigidity and Flexibility

[19:26]Reflecting on Past Experiences

Learning and Growing Together

[22:26]Decision Making and Advocacy

Passion and Experience Driving Change

[25:44]Conclusion and Thanks